How to join

We are always on the look out for new members to join our club.  Ideally you should have played badminton at league or county level before, but if you are keen and a good standard social/casual player, please arrange to come down for a visit.

Our prerequisites are as follows:

  • You understand the rules of badminton such as scoring, etiquette etc
  • You can maintain a rally and move around the court in doubles with a partner
  • You understand basic positioning in mens/ladies doubles and mixed doubles
  • You have your own racket(s), sportswear and suitable court footwear

Unfortunately, we are not a beginners club and we do not offer any formal coaching sessions. However, you can still improve your game by sparring with other players, asking for the odd pointer and practice practice practice!

The first thing to do is complete the form on the right, or drop us an email directly at
Let us know your name, phone number, email address and some details about your standard/experience.

Our new members secretary will then respond and arrange for you to attend a club night on a Wednesday or Friday for your free taster session, and perhaps another follow up visitor session.   After your first visit, each session is £10 which covers court & feather shuttle costs.   If you are a sufficient standard and you like us too, you may be asked to join the club as a member.   This means you will be eligible to play league matches and can attend all club night sessions during the regular season.   During the regular season, visitors are only allowed via prior arrangement as court space can be limited due to team practice, matches and members-only club night sessions.

Normally it's fine to just turn up on any Wednesday or Friday but some nights aren't suitable for visitors.  For example, occasionally we have two league matches scheduled which means all 4 courts are going to be occupied for most of the evening.  Also there are times when the hall is closed due to holidays, exams etc - it's best to check our website homepage for notices and contact us before attending.

When you turn up, someone will greet you and ensure you are selected (using our pegboard) for various games of both doubles and mixed doubles....someone might even ask you for a singles if you're up for it!   Hopefully you'll enjoy your session(s) and if you are interested in joining, speak to any member of the committee or our new members secretary.   On rare occasions if your standard is deemed too low or there is an attitude/conduct issue, we may not allow you to join - our new members secretary will advise if this is the case and the reason why.

We look forward to meeting you

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